We wish you a meaningful Holy Week.

We wish you a meaningful Holy Week.

Here’s our Holiday Schedule:

We are open until THURSDAY, April 13, 2017

We will have our holiday break on Friday and Saturday, April 14 and 15, and will be back on SUNDAY, April 16, 2017.
We are open from 3 PM to 1 AM.
G: 0917-621-4271
S: 0908-735-9367
S: 0932-883-5878
L: 02-435-0771
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Partial List Of Covered Areas
Please call or text any of our Official Hotline Number

TAGUIG BRANCH – 250/hour

Acacia Estates, Taguig City
Afpovai Phase 1, Taguig City
Afpovai, Fort Bonifacio.
Arturo Santos St., Mangga Isle
Bay Breeze Executive Village, Taguig City
BCDA, Taguig City
BGC, Taguig City
BMI Apartment, Makati City
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Bonifacio Heights Condominium, Taguig City
Brgy. Calzada, Taguig City
Brgy. Ibayo Tipas, Taguig City
Brgy. Pembo, Makati City
Brgy. Pinagkaisahan, Makati City
Brgy. Rizal, Makati City
Brgy. South Cembo, Makati City
Brgy. SouthSide, Taguig City
Brgy. Sta Ana, Taguig City
Brgy. Sta. Ana, Taguig City
Brgy. Tabakalera, Pateros
Brgy. Tipas, Taguig City
Brgy. Tuktukan, Taguig City
Brgy. Ususan, Taguig City
Camella Azadia Subdivision, Taguig City
Camella Azadia, Taguig City
Camella Greenville Subdivision, Taguig City
Camella Pacific, Taguig City
Cedar Crest, Taguig City
Comembo, Makati City
Cypress Towers, Taguig City
Diego Silang Village, Taguig City
East Rembo, Makati City
Fairways Towers, Taguig City
Fifth Avenue Place, Taguig City
Forbes Wood Heights, Taguig City
Forbes Wood Parklane, Taguig City
Forbestown, Taguig City
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Fort Palm Springs Condo, Taguig City
Fort Victoria, Taguig City
Ivory Wood, Taguig City
Lakeview Manors, Taguig City
Mahogany Place 1, Taguig City
Mahogany Place 2, Taguig City
Mahogany Place 3, Taguig City
Mahogany Place II, Taguig City
Mahogany Place III, Taguig City
Mahogany Place, Taguig City
Makati Homes, Makati City
Maple Place, Taguig City
McKinley Hill, Taguig City
McKinley, Taguig City
My Grand Hampton, Taguig City
One Mckinley Place, Taguig City
One Serendra West Tower Building, Taguig City
One Serendra West Tower, Taguig City
One Serendra, Taguig City
Pacific Residences, Taguig City
Pinagsama Village Phase 2,
Ridgewood Towers, Makati City
Ridgewood Towers, Taguig City
Rosewood Pointe, Taguig City
Royal Palm Residences, Taguig City
St. Michael Subd, Taguig City
Taguig City
Taguig City,
The Birchwood, Taguig City
The Fort, Taguig
The Infinity Condominium, Taguig City
Tres Palmas Condominium, Taguig City
Trion Tower1, Taguig City
Tuscany, Taguig City
Two Serendra Aston Tower, Taguig City
Two Serendra, Taguig City
Upper Bicutan, Taguig City
Verawood Residences, Taguig City
Verawood, Taguig City
Vista De Lago Condominium, Taguig City
Vista De Lago, Taguig City

QUEZON CITY – Near – 3pm to 7pm, 250/hr; 7pm onwards 300/hr

205 Santolan by Rockwell, QC
700 Building, QC
Alta Vista Village, QC
Andrea North, QC
Anro Bldg., QC
Anthorium Town Homes, QC
Anti-Cybercrime Group, QC
ARA Town Homes, QC
Area 1 UP Campus, QC
Atherton Place Codo, QC
Atherton Place, QC
Aurora 700 Building, QC
Azur Living Apmt., QC
Balay Sa Molave Bldg., QC
Balbros Apartelle, QC
Balete @ Kamias, QC
Bayo Condotel and Suites, QC
Braganza Condominium, QC
Brgy. Amihan, QC
Brgy. Bungad, QC
Brgy. Central, QC
Brgy. Damayan, QC
Brgy. Damayang Lagi, QC
Brgy. Del Monte, QC
Brgy. Diliman, QC
Brgy. E. Rodriguez, QC
Brgy. Horseshoe, QC
Brgy. Immaculate Conception, QC
Brgy. Kalusugan, QC
Brgy. Kamias, QC
Brgy. Kamuning, QC
Brgy. Kaunlaran, QC
Brgy. Kristong Hari, QC
Brgy. Krus na Ligas, QC
Brgy. Laging Handa, QC
Brgy. Loyola Heights, QC
Brgy. Malaya, QC
Brgy. Mariana, QC
Brgy. Mariblo, QC
Brgy. Nayong Kanluran, QC
Brgy. Obrero, QC
Brgy. Old Capitol Site, QC
Brgy. Paligsahan, QC
Brgy. Paltok, QC
Brgy. Pinagkaisahan, QC
Brgy. Pinyahan, QC
Brgy. Quirino 2A, QC
Brgy. Quirino 2-B, QC
Brgy. Quirino 2C, QC
Brgy. Quirino 2-C, QC
Brgy. Quirino, QC
Brgy. Roxas District, QC
Brgy. Sacred Heart, QC
Brgy. San Vicente, QC
Brgy. Sikatuna, QC
Brgy. Silangan, QC
Brgy. Socorro, QC
Brgy. South Triangle, QC
Brgy. Sto. Domingo, QC
Brgy. Tatalon, QC
Brgy. Teachers Village, QC
Brgy. Teacher’s Village, QC
Brgy. UP Campus, QC
Brgy. UP Village, QC
Brgy. Valencia, QC
Brgy. West Kamias, QC
Brgy. West Triangle, QC
Brightplace Condo, QC
Builtmore Tower 1, QC
Bunker Hills St. Rolling Hills Subd., QC
Burgundy Plaza, QC
Camacho Residences, QC
Camp Karingal, QC
Capitol Medical Center, QC
Casa Rafael Condo, QC
Cathedral Heights Townhomes, QC
Catherdral Heights, QC
Centennial Townhomes, QC
Centro Plaza Bldg., QC
Commonwealth, QC
Condotel, QC
Cosmopolitan Town House, QC
CRM Bldg., QC
Crystal Mansion, QC
Del Monte, QC
Delicia Bldg., QC
Delsa Mansion, QC
Delta Bldg., QC
Dental Clinic, QC
Doña Crispina Condominium, QC
Donya Segunda Bldg., QC
Dordorsato Apmt., QC
Dordosato Apmt., QC
Dorothy Townhomes, QC
Dreamhouse Bldg., QC
Dunville Townhomes, QC
Eagle Court Condominium, QC
Eagle Star Condo, QC
East Wind Residences, QC
Eastwind Residences, QC
El Jardin Del Presidente 2, QC
Embassy Garden Homes, QC
Esteban Abada St., QC
Fernadina Suites, QC
Fil Garcia Tower, QC
Francesca Towers, QC
Future Point Plaza 1, QC
Future Point Plaza 2, QC
Future Point Plaza 3, QC
Future Point Plaza, QC
Galleria Townhomes, QC
Garcia Bldg., QC
Garden Grove, QC
Garden Island Condoville, QC
Gateway 9 Townhomes, QC
Gilmore Heights Condo, QC
Gilmore Place Condominium, QC
Gilmore, QC
Gleenwood St., QC
Grand Monaco Bldg., QC
Grass Residence, QC
Great Eastern Hotel, QC
Greenhaven Park Homes, QC
Greenhaven Townhomes, QC
Greenhills Garden Square, QC
Haeinsa Condotel, QC
Happy House Hotel, QC
Hardin ng Rosas, QC
Heroes Hills, QC
HGL Building, QC
Hi Top Supermarket, QC
Horseshoe Court, QC
Horseshoe Village, QC
Hotel Mariposa, QC
Hotel Rembrandt., QC
Ivory Villa, QC
J. Rosa Condominium, QC
Jenkinsen Tower, QC
JNS Mansion, QC
Jose Bldg., QC
Juan Luna St., QC
JV Managers Tower, QC
Kalayaan Ave., QC
Kalayaan Plaza, QC
Kamias Road, East Kamais
Kathleen Place 3, QC
Katipunan, QC
K-Square Bldg., QC
Le Maison Town Homes, QC
Leighton Place, QC
Level Residence, QC
Liberty Place, QC
Loyola Bella Vista, QC
Loyola Heights Condominium, QC
M. Place Condo, QC
Madison 101 Hotel, QC
Magnolia Residences, QC
Mahattan Garden City Park View, QC
Main Horseshoe Drive, QC
Manere Bldg. 1, QC
Manere Bldg. 2, QC
Manere Bldg., QC
Manere Buliding, QC
Manhattan Parkview Residences, QC
Manhattan Parkview Villas, QC
Manhattan Parkway Residences, QC
Mariposa Budget Hotel, QC
Mariposa Villas, QC
Maritime Group Division, Quezon City
Matatag Townhoese, QC
Maya Residences, QC
Mayaman Town Homes, QC
Meals Café, QC
Merchant Square Condo., QC
Merchant Square Condominium, QC
Metro Apartelle, QC
Minnesotta Mansion, QC
Miranila Townhouse, QC
MMS Bldg., QC
Molave Suites, QC
Montgomery Place., QC
Montgomery Subd., QC
MRL Bldg., QC
MRL Tower, QC
Narra Heights Condominium, QC
Narra Heights, QC
National Irrigation Administration, QC
New Manila Rolling Hills Subd., QC
New Manila, QC
New York Mansions, QC
Norde Bldg., QC
Nordstrum Residence, QC
Old Sunrise Bldg., QC
One Beatriz Condominium, QC
One Burgendy Plaza, QC
One Burgundy Plaza, QC
One Capiz Residence, QC
One Castilla Place, QC
One liberty,
One Madrinan Suite, QC
Oracle Condo, QC
Oracle Hotel and Residences, QC
Oracle Hotel, QC
P. Florentino Suites, QC
Pacific Century Tower, QC
Palosabis St., QC
Panay Ave., QC
Parkwook Villa, QC
Pearl Mansion, QC
Phil-Am Homes, QC
Philcoa, QC
Pinecrest Condominium, QC
PM Apmt., QC
Ponderosa Compound, QC
Ponderoza Townhomes, QC
President Tower, QC
Prince David Condo, QC
Prince Jun Condo, QC
Princeton Residences, QC
Project 2, QC
Project 3, QC
Project 7, QC
PYP Mansion 2, QC
PYP Mansion, QC
Qubiertos Restaurant, QC
Quezon City Hall, QC
Quirino 2B, QC
Rasver Bldg., QC
Regina Mezzanine, QC
Rembrandt Hotel, QC
Residencia de Regina, QC
Rexxons Arcade, QC
Rizalina Bldg. 2 Annex, QC
Rosemont Tower, QC
Roxas District, QC
S and F Condo, QC
San Jose Building, QC
San Square Bldg., QC
Scout Area, QC
Sequoia Hotel, QC
Shell Station, QC
Sikatuna Bliss, QC
SJB Town Villa, QC
Sofia Tower, QC
South Filmore, QC
South Insula, QC
South Vill Garden Town House, QC
St. John Condo, QC
St. Peter St., QC
Star Express Apartelle, QC
Stellar Place (DMCI Homes), QC
Stonehouse Hotel, QC
Sulu Riviera Hotel, QC
Summit Hotel Magnolia, QC
Sunrise Hills Home, QC
Sunrise Home, QC
Symphony Tower, QC
Teachers Village, QC
Tempus Place, QC
The Amaryllis Condominium, QC
The Capital Towers, QC
The Regalia Park Towers, QC
Theresa Tower, QC
Timog Ave., QC
Torre Venezia, QC
Torres Bldg., QC
Trafalgar Manor, QC
Trafalgar Place, QC
Tune Hotel, QC
Union Square Condo, QC
University Hotel, QC
UP Bliss, QC
UP Campus Diliman, QC
UP Campus, QC
UP Hotel, QC
UP Village, QC
Uptown Estate, QC
V. Luna Hospital, QC
V.Luna General Hospital (AFP Medical Center), QC
Valencia Hills Condo, QC
Varsity Hills, QC
Victoria Executive Mansion, QC
Victoria Station, QC
Victoria Tower, QC
Villa Anica Town House, QC
Villa Carolina Townhomes, QC
Villa Espanya, QC
Villa Olivia Town Homes, QC
Villa Ortigas 2, QC
Village A St. UP, QC
Villia Valencia Town Homes, QC
VS1 Bldg., QC
Wedgewood Estate, QC
West Triangle Homes 1, QC
White House Condominium, QC
Wilvic Townhomes, QC
Wilvon Townhomes, QC
Winland Tower Residences, QC
Woodland Town Homes, QC
Woodside Homes, QC
Xandland Place Condominium, QC
Xanland Place, QC
Xavier Hills Condominium, QC
Xavier Hills Condominum, QC
Xavierville 1 Phase 1, QC
Xavierville 1, QC
Xavierville 2, QC
Xavierville 3, QC
Xavierville Ave., QC
Xavierville Phase 2, QC
Xavierville Royal Condo, QC
Xavierville Square, QC
Xavierville Subd. Phase 2, QC
Xavierville, QC

QUEZON CITY – Far – 3pm to 7pm, 300/hr; 7pm onwards 350/hr minimum 1.5 hours

3rd West Crame, San Juan
AEK Bldg., QC
Aguinaldo Suites, QC
Alleyville Townhouse, San Juan
Alpha Village Capitol Hills, QC
Annapolis St., San Juan
Annapolis St., San juan City
Araneta Subdivision, QC
Avida Towers New Manila, QC
Bago Bantay, QC
Bagong Buhay, QC
Bagumbuhay, QC
Bahay Karidad Compound, QC
Balintawak, QC
Banawe, QC
Banlat Road, QC
Barcelona Apmt, QC
Batis, San Juan
Bell Mansion Condo, QC
Berkeley Residence, QC
BLC Pagasa Bliss, QC
Bldg. 150., San Juan
Bonifacio Village, QC
Brgy. Apolonio Samson, QC
Brgy. Bago Bantay, QC
Brgy. Bagong Buhay, QC
Brgy. Bagong Lipunan Ng Crame, QC
Brgy. Bagong Pag-Asa, QC
Brgy. Bagumbuhay, QC
Brgy. Culiat, QC
Brgy. Don Manuel, QC
Brgy. Dona Imelda, QC
Brgy. Dona Josefa, QC
Brgy. Ermitanyo, San Juan
Brgy. Lourdes, QC
Brgy. Maharlika, QC
Brgy. Manresa, QC
Brgy. Marilag, QC
Brgy. North Greenhills, San Juan
Brgy. Onse, San Juan
Brgy. Pasadena, San Juan
Brgy. Pasadena, San Juan City
Brgy. Pasandena, San Juan
Brgy. Ramon Magsaysay, QC
Brgy. Salapan, San Juan
Brgy. San Antonio, QC
Brgy. San Isidro, QC
Brgy. San Martin De Porres, QC
Brgy. San Pedro, San Juan
Brgy. San Roque, QC
Brgy. Santol, QC
Brgy. Sta. Lucia, San Juan
Brgy. Sto. Cristo, QC
Brgy. Talayan, QC
Brgy. Tandang Sora, QC
Brgy. West Crame San Juan, San Juan
Calderon Condominium, QC
Camp Aguinaldo, QC
Camp Crame, QC
Camp Emilio Aguinaldo, QC
Camp. Aguinaldo, QC
Carmel 1 Subd., QC
Carmel V Subd., QC
Casa Barcelona Condo, San Juan
Century Compound, QC
Cinco Hermanos Subd., Marikina City
Citi Plaza 3, QC
Congressional Ave., QC
Corazon Bill Subd., QC
Corazon Village, QC
Cortijos Condo, San Juan
Cristobal Apmt., San Juan
Cubao, QC
Del Monte Ave., QC
Diamond St, QC
Dr. Montano Ramos General Hospital, QC
East Tierra Pura, QC
EDSA Grand Residences, QC
Elan Suites, San Juan
Ellan Condo, San Juan
Emerald Court Bldg., QC
Emerald Tower, QC
Escalades Condominium, QC
Eusebio Townhouse, QC
Frisco, QC
FZI Bldg., QC
Gen. Hizon St., QC
Gloria 1 Subd., QC
Goldenland Tower, San Juan
Goldland Place, San Juan
Grace Village, QC
Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern, San Juan
Greenhills Elan Hotel, San Juan
Greenhills, San Juan
H & L Bldg., QC
Hilda Village, QC
Hura Homes, QC
Icon Hotel North EDSA, QC
Interville Culiat, QC
Interville Subd., QC
Isang Pag Asa Apmt., QC
Ivy Town Homes, San Juan
Jade Place Condo, QC
Jade St., QC
Jem 9 Subd., QC
Joyce Apartelle, San Juan
JP Rizal Suites, QC
La Mirada Town House, San Juan
La Solera Bldg., QC
Landcom Village 2 Mindanao Ave., QC
Las Villas Del Cielo Townhomes, QC
LIG Condo, QC
Limquico Compound, QC
LPL Tower, San Juan
Ma. Elena St., QC
Madison Place Condominium, QC
Manhattan Townhomes, QC
Masambong, QC
MBE Apmt., QC
Mercedez 1 Condo, San Juan
Meridien Condominium, QC
Metro Heights Subd., QC
Mezza Residences, QC
Mia Village, QC
Microtel Technohub, QC
Midland Park Manor 2, San Juan
Miranila Homes, QC
Munos, QC
Murphy, QC
New Yellow Hat Construction 487, QC
North Greenhills, San Juan
Northridge Mansion Penthouse, QC
Old Balara, QC
One Carmela Place, QC
One Cumbio Bldg., QC
Pael Compound, QC
Pagasa Bliss, QC
Pag-Asa Bliss, QC
Peaceful Lane St., QC
Pilarville Subd., QC
Pillarville Subd., QC
Pleasant View Subd., QC
Prince John Condo, QC
Project 4, Brgy. Marilag
Project 4, QC
Project 6, QC
Prudent Lane Extn.(prulex) Sanville Subd., QC
QC Ville, QC
Recidencia De Monette 2, QC
Reymar Subd., QC
Road 8, QC
Road One, QC
Roosevelt Ave., QC
Rosalia Compound, QC
Rosalia Village 2, QC
Rosalia Village, QC
Royal View Mansion, San Juan
Sagana Homes, QC
San Francisco Del Monte, QC
San Miguel Village, QC
San Pedro Compound 1, QC
San. Francisco Del Monte, QC
Sanville Subd., QC
Sapphire Town Homes, QC
Sky Hotel, QC
SM Blue Residences, QC
South Greenpark Village, QC
St. Claire Bldg., QC
St. Dominic 4, QC
Sta. Mesa Heights Subd., QC
Sta. Mesa Hieghts La loma, QC
Sta. Mesa, Manila
Strata Suite, San Juan
Sun Residences, QC
Sun Ville, QC
Sunshine Apartment, QC
Suntrust Aurora Garden, San Juan City
Sunville Subd., QC
Talayan Village, QC
Teresa Village, QC
The Pad Residences, QC
Theresa Village, QC
Tierrebella Subd., QC
UERM Hospital, QC
Varsa Village, QC
Verde De Pasadena, San Juan
Veritas Village, QC
Veterans Village, Project 7
Veterans Village, QC
Victoria Subd. Mindanao Ave., QC
Villa Frenze Subd., QC
Villa Solidad Town Homes, QC
Violago Homes Phase III, QC
Visayas Ave. cor Congressional Ave., QC
Visayas Ave., QC
Vista Hotel, QC
Welcome Rotonda, QC
Westwood Condo, San Juan
White House Bldg., QC
White House Bldg., San Juan
Willson St., San Juan
Zytek Village, QC

QUEZON CITY – Extremely Far – 350/hr minimum 2 hours

#157 Katiupunan Ave., QC
A-8 Bldg., Manila
Acropolis Libis, QC
Acropolis Subd., QC
Acropolis, QC
Alpha Village, QC
Annie’s Place Bldg., Manila
Asamba Compound, QC
Ayala Heights Village, QC
Ayala Heights, QC
Ayala Hillside Estates, QC
Balic-balic, Manila
BF Homes, QC
Biac Na Bato St., QC
Bianca Bldg., QC
Blue Ridge A, QC
Blue Ridge B, QC
Brgy. 465, Sampaloc
Brgy. 532, Manila
Brgy. 555, Manila
Brgy. Bahay Toro,
Brgy. Bahay Toro, QC
Brgy. Batasan Hills, QC
Brgy. Blue Ridge, QC
Brgy. Commonwealth, QC
Brgy. Dona Aurora, QC
Brgy. Holy Spirit, QC
Brgy. Libis, QC
Brgy. Little Baguio, San Juan City
Brgy. Masambong, QC
Brgy. Matandang Balara, QC
Brgy. Old Balara, QC
Brgy. Pag-Ibig sa Nayon, QC
Brgy. Pansol, QC
Brgy. Pasong Tamo, QC
Brgy. Payatas, QC
Brgy. Salvacion, QC
Brgy. San Isidro Labrador, QC
Brgy. San Jose, QC
Brgy. Sangandaan, QC
Brgy. Sauyo, QC
Brgy. Sta. Teresita, QC
Brgy. Sto. Nino, Marikina City
Brgy. Sto. Nino, QC
Brgy. Talipapa, QC
Brgy. White Plains, QC
Calle Victoria, QC
Capitol Estate 2 Commonwealth, QC
Capitol Hills Golf Subd., QC
Capitol Hills, QC
Carmel 2 Subd., QC
Celebrity Place, QC
Charbel Executive Village Mindanao Ave., QC
Cherry Orchard Suites, QC
Cleofas Compound, QC
Congressional Apartelle, QC
Crissant Condo, QC
Crown Galleria Bldg., Manila
Crystal Clear Bldg. (Apartel Type), QC
Damar Village, QC
Del Nasia Vill 3, QC
Delta Village, QC
District 4, QC
DMCI Sorrel Residences, Manila
Don Antonio Heights, QC
Don AtonIo Heights, QC
Don Doroteo St., QC
Don Enrique Heights, QC
Don Jose Heights Commonwealth, QC
Don Quijote St., Manila
Don Raymundo St., QC
Don. Jose Suvdivision, QC
Dona Carmen Subd., QC
Dorotea Road, QC
East Greenhills, San Juan
Eastwood Excelsior Condominium, QC
Eastwood La Fayette, QC
Eastwood Le Grand, QC
Eastwood Park Residences, QC
Eastwood Parkview, QC
El Pueblo Condo Mitel, QC
El Pueblo One Condo, QC
El Pueblo One Condominium Kingspoint Subd., QC
Elegant Townhouse, QC
Emilia Apmt.s, Manila
Espana Tower, Manila
Espanya Blvd cor Blumentritt, Manila
Espanya Grand Residence, Manila
Fanny Tatings, QC
Filinvest Homes 1, QC
Filinvest Homes 2, QC
Francesca Royale Condominium, QC
Galas, QC
Gem 5 Subd., QC
Gladiola Mall Garden Ville, Manila
Gloria 4 Subd., QC
Goldkey Subd., QC
Golf Hills Terraces, QC
Goodwill Homes 2, QC
Greenhills East Village, San Juan
Greenview Executive Village, QC
Greenville Subd., QC
Hayaville Subd., QC
Interville 2, QC
Jem 5 Subd., QC
Kaingin 2, QC
Kimco Village, QC
Kingspoint Grand Villas, QC
La Loma, QC
La Trinidad Village, QC
La Vista Subd., QC
La Vista, QC
Laloma, QC
Lara Compound, QC
Lavista Village, QC
Linden Place, QC
LJP Suites, QC
Loreto Condo, Manila
Lot 6 Block 2, QC
Lourdes Building, Manila
Loyola Grand Villas, QC
Luzviminda Village, QC
Magnolia Place Condo, QC
Maries Village, QC
Marvex Legacy Homes, QC
Mayon Galleria Bldg., QC
Mayon, Manila
Metroville 3 Subdivision, QC
Miranila Homes Congressional Ave., QC
Montville Place Sauyo, QC
Montville Place, QC
MRV Bldg., QC
Napocor Village, QC
Nelsonville Village, QC
New Intramuros Village, QC
Nia Village NAPOCOR Village, QC
NIA Village, QC
North Belton, QC
North Susana Executive Village, QC
North Susana Executve Village., New Intramuros Village
North Susana Subd., QC
Northpoint Town Homes, QC
Olympic Heights, QC
Otero Building, QC
Pacific Grand Tower 2, Manila
Pael Estate Subd., QC
Pangilinan CPD, QC
Philand Subd., QC
Philand Village, QC
Pleasantville Subd., QC
Pres. Quezon St. cor Hon. B. Soliven, QC
Project 8 Congressional Village, QC
Project 8 GSIS Village, QC
Project 8 Joseph Village, QC
Project 8 Mendoza Village, QC
Project 8 Ofelia Village, QC
Project 8 Paradise Village, QC
Project 8 Toro Hills Subd., QC
Project 8, Brgy. Bahay Toro
Project 8, QC
Pugad Lawin Villas Northpoint Townhomes, QC
Pugad Lawin Villas Villa Del Monte, QC
Pugad Lawin Villas, QC
Quirino Highway, QC
RA Tulip Building, QC
Richland Subd., QC
Richmonde Hotel Eastwood, QC
Richville Place Condo, Manila
Romarosa Town Homes, QC
Saint Charbel Village Mindanao Ave. Phase 2, QC
Saint Ignatius Village, QC
Sampaloc, Manila
San Agustine Villa, QC
San Pedro 9, QC
Sherwood Heights Subd., QC
Silbina Village, QC
Sofia Bellevue, QC
Spazio Bernardo West Villas, QC
St. Ignatius Village, QC
St. Ignatius, QC
Sugartown Subd., QC
Sunny Side Heights, QC
Tandang Sora,
The Castle Bldg., Manila
The Manors Celebrity Place, QC
Tierra Pura Subd., QC
Tivoli Greens, QC
Town And Country Gardenville Congressional, QC
Triple A Bldg., QC
Vililia Vill, QC
Villa Amor Uno Subd., QC
Villa Beatriz, QC
Villa Corina Subd., QC
Villa Matilde Subd., QC
Violago Homes Phase 1, QC
Violago Homes, QC
Vista Real Executive Village, QC
VS4 Condominium, QC
West Wing Residences, QC
Zuzuarregi St., QC

QUEZON CITY – NOT Covered – No Service at the moment

Aldea Verde Filinvest 2, QC
Baesa, QC
Bali Oasis Condo, Marikina City
Barron’s Place, San Juan
Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan
Brgy. Baesa, QC
Brgy. Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City
Brgy. Bagumbayan, QC
Brgy. Fairview, QC
Brgy. Grace Park, Caloocan City
Brgy. Greater Lagro, QC
Brgy. Kabayanan, San Juan
Brgy. Sta. Mesa, Manila
Brgy. Sta. Quiteria, Caloocan City
Camarin, Caloocan
Corinthians Garden, QC
Dela Costa Homes, Marikina
East Fairview, QC
Eastwood, QC
Fairmont Subd., QC
Fairview, QC
Filinvest 2, QC
Fini Homes, Valenzuela
Floravista Condo, QC
Fortune Manor, QC
Gem Subd., QC
Grand Eastwood Palazzo, QC
Industrial Valley Subd., Marikina
Ivory Court, QC
Jordan Valle, QC
Kingdom 1 Subd., QC
Kingspoint Subd., QC
Mapayapa Village 2, QC
Mariposa Budget Hotel, Marikina
Microtel Eastwood, QC
North Fairview, QC
North View 1, QC
North View 2, QC
Northview 1 Subd., QC
Northview 1, QC
Novaliches GSIS Hills Subd., QC
Novaliches, QC
Oro Vista 2, Antipolo
Ortigas, Pasig City
Police Teacher’s Bliss, QC
Rancho Estate 1, Marikina City
Redwoods Condo, QC
San Benissa Garden Villas, QC
San Mateo,
San Mateo, Rizal
Sta. Lucia West, QC
V. Mapa, Manila
Vermont Park, Antipolo City
Villa San Mateo 1, San Mateo
Vista Hermosa Subdivision, QC
Vista Real Classica, QC
Vista Real Village, QC
Vista Real, QC

About Kawayan Home Massage Service, providing Quality Home Massage Service for more than five (5) years!

CALL US we’re open from 3 PM to 1 AM Landline: 02-435-0771 Smart: 0908-735-9367 Globe: 0917-621-4271 Sun: 0932-883-5878 We follow a high standard... All of our Therapists are NCII Passers and are TESDA Certified. Most are already DOH Licensed. All Therapists are also trained in-house by a DOH Licensed Trainor. We’ll come to you... We have branches in Quezon City, Mandaluyong, and Taguig City. We also serve clients in San Juan City, parts of Manila and Makati City We can do these for you... We do Twin Massage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Combination Massage, Ventosa, Pre and Post Natal Massage, and Foot Reflex. And we’re affordable... Our rate starts at 250/hr (Promo rate - 3 PM to 7 PM Daily, Introductory rate in Mandaluyong and Taguig City). Depending on time and area, we charge 300 to 350 per hour. Please check with our friendly Telephone Operators by calling or sending us an SMS.

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